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Poverty Guidelines. In principle, an average firing rate of say, 10 Hz could come about in a very regular manner one spike exactly every 0. This idea is illustrated in the following figure, from a famous paper :. Panels A-C show simulated voltage traces the membrane potential of a single model neuron , with the trace in panel A displaying very irregular firing, C very regular firing, and B something in between.

How can we capture such differences? For a very regular spike train, there is a relatively stereotyped time that elapses before the next spike; for an irregular spike train, the interspike intervals are much more variable. Let’s plot the ISI histogram for our own example neuron:. This histogram, which simply counts how many interspike intervals there are in this spike train for every interval from ms, shows that the most common interspike intervals are around 5ms.

This ISI distribution can also be seen in the spike train snippet we used for computing firing rates, above: the short ISIs occur in bursts, and then there is a longer interval in the theta range until the next burst. Clearly, this cell does not emit spikes at random intervals; instead, there is structure in the spike train. A further indication of this is the ISI return plot , a scatterplot of each interspike interval against the next.

Set the axes to run from 0 to 0. This plot shows that a short ISI in the 5ms range tends to be followed either by another short ISI, or by a long one in the theta range. It however seems rare for a theta-range ISI to be followed by another theta-range ISI, again in accordance with our visual impression of the spike train. A useful tool for many spike train analysis questions is to make a comparison with a random, synthetic spike train.

Such comparisons can bring into focus salient aspects of real spike trains, and can be used for tests of significance. A simple way of generating a random spike train is to essentially flip a coin at each time step, scoring a spike for heads, and and no spike for tails:.

Some differences are apparent; for instance, this synthetic spike train clearly has much shorter ISIs overall. This difference occurs because the mean firing rates between the two spike trains are not equal. Our real spike train has a mean firing rate of about 0. Recompute the ISI histogram for a spike train generated with this probability instead of 0. You will need to increase the length of the spike train to s in order to get a number of spikes which is similar to that in the real spike train.

So, even though the mean firing rates are the same, our real spike train has relatively many short ISIs, which must be balanced with longer ones to end up with the same mean. Generating artificial spike trains in this way, by flipping a coin at each time step, is known as a Poisson point process Poisson process for short : it generates interspike intervals drawn from the Poisson distribution. An important property of this distribution is that its values are never negative. This is useful when dealing with counts and interspike intervals, which cannot be negative.

For large means, the Poisson distribution will approach a Gaussian distribution, but a Gaussian with a mean close to zero is likely to generate negative values, which are nonsensical when dealing with ISIs or spike counts. If you only see a few spikes, increase the axes limits. You should see a total absence of structure correlations in the plot, unlike the equivalent for the real spike train, indicating that a given ISI does not tell you anything about what the next one might be.

A final difference with our actual spike train is that pure Poisson spike trains have no refractory period. Verify that the ISIh of the real spike train does! Our synthetic Poisson spike train had a fixed probability of emitting a spike in each time bin. This results in a homogenous Poisson process, meaning that theoretically, the firing rate does not vary over time.

Of course, there will be random fluctuations, but the underlying probability of a spike remains constant. In contrast, an inhomogenous Poisson process involves changes over time of the underlying spike probability. Change pspike to be a vector of the same size as tvec describing a 1 Hz sinusoid which oscillates between 0 and 0. Use this changing spike probability to generate your artificial inhomogenous Poisson spike train. Verify by visual inspection that indeed the firing rate of this spike train is varying over time.

This is analogous to the autocorrelation of gamma-band power in a ventral striatal LFP that we computed in the previous module. MATLAB doesn’t provide a built-in function that can take in a spike train and compute its autocorrelation, so we have to make our own. Here is a simple implementation:. The autocorrelation of a Poisson spike train appears to be essentially flat over different time lags.

The autocorrelation is a special case of this with the two spike trains being the same. The only potentially tricky part of cross-correlations is how to do the normalization there are some different choices that determine if the output is a conditional probability, a correlation, or something else , but we will not worry about this for now. All these normalizations produce outputs that are qualitatively similar. Verify your intuition. Let’s compute the cross-correlation between two hippocampal place cells, simultaneously recorded from a rat running a T-maze:.

This is an example of one of my favorite plots in neuroscience. It holds the key to revealing a fundamental and unique property of the rodent hippocampus, thought to reflect a specialization for the rapid encoding of episodic memories. The plot shows something akin to the probability of cell 42 spiking at various time lags between -1 and 1 second given that cell 5 spikes at time 0.

There is something else going on, too: on top of this slow component of the ccf, there is a faster component with sharp peaks repeating at theta frequency about per second. The peak closest to zero is in fact slightly offset, occurring at approximately ms.

Thus, cell 42 is likely to spike just a few tens of ms after cell 5; in contrast, the reverse, where cell 5 spikes a few tens of ms after cell 42, almost never happens. As it turns out, this highly precise ccf shape results from the fact that each theta cycle in the hippocampal LFP is in fact associated with the sequential activation of a number of place cells, tracing out a trajectory on the maze, as illustrated in this figure from Skaggs et al. A different way of showing this idea is as follows from Malhotra et al.

This figure illustrates the ccf labeled ‘CCG’ here, for cross-correlogram, which is the same thing that would be expected from generating inhomogenous Poisson spike trains based on a firing rate profile given by two place fields the blue and red lines in the top panel. In this case, with the animal running from left to right, the blue spikes would tend to come after the red, because the red field is entered before the blue field.

This is reflected in the asymmetric shape of the ccf. However, this lacks the sharp theta peaks apparent in the ccf we just computed from our two real place cells. You can also see that accordingly, the blue spikes tend to come just after the red spikes within each theta cycle, forming sequences of place cells. An important question is to establish if such sequences could come about by just having each place cell independently emit spikes in a manner described by some average spike density function, or if the sequences that are actually seen require some sort of coordination between place cells.

To test this, we can first convert our spike trains to a SDF over time, and then use that SDF to generate inhomogenous Poisson spike trains. Since these two spike trains are generated by independent coin flips, i. Use a 50 ms standard deviation for the Gaussian, and 1ms bin size. The sequence of steps for this would look something like this:. This comparison of independently generated spikes with the actual data is the essence of this excellent paper.

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