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Other video signs had a high specificity but low sensitivity. Video analysis may be a useful adjunct to the side-line assessment of a possible concussion. Video analysis however should not replace the need for a thorough multimodal clinical assessment. The existing method of allocating draft selections in the AFL is simply based on the reverse order of each team’s finishing position for that season, with teams winning less than or equal to 5 regular season matches obtaining an additional early round priority draft pick.

Much criticism has been levelled at the existing system since it rewards losing teams and does not encourage poorly performing teams to win matches once their season is effectively over. We propose a probability-based system that allocates a score based on teams that win ‘unimportant’ matches akin to Carl Morris’ definition of importance.

We base the calculation of ‘unimportance’ on the likelihood of a team making the final eight following each round of the season. We then investigate a variety of approaches based on the ‘unimportance’ measure to derive a score for ‘unimportant’ and unlikely wins.

We explore derivatives of this system, compare past draft picks with those obtained under our system, and discuss the attractiveness of teams knowing the draft reward for winning each match in a season. We investigated the effects of a circadian disadvantage i. We reviewed 5 years of regular season games in the National Basketball Association, National Hockey League and National Football League , and noted the winning percentage of the visiting team depending on the direction of travel west, east, and same time zone and game time day and evening games.

T-tests and analysis of variance were performed to evaluate the effects of the circadian disadvantage, its direction, the number of time zones travelled, and the game time on winning percentages in each major league. The results showed an association between the winning percentages and the number of time zones traveled for the away evening games, with a clear disadvantage for the teams travelling westward. The effect of the circadian disadvantage transcends the type of sport and needs to be addressed for greater equity among the western and eastern teams in professional sports.

These results also highlight the importance of circadian rhythms in sport performance and athletic competitions. Interchange rotation factors and player characteristics influence physical and technical performance in professional Australian Rules football. To examine the effects of match-related and individual player characteristics on activity profile and technical performance during rotations in professional Australian football.

Global positioning system data and player rating scores were collected from 33 professional Australian football players during 15 Australian football League matches. Individual players’ maximal aerobic running speed MAS was determined from a two-kilometre trial. A multilevel linear mixed model was used to examine the influence of rotations on physical activity profiles and skill execution during match play. Rotation duration and accumulated distance resulted in a trivial-to-moderate reduction in relative total and HSR distances as well as relative rating points.

The number of disposals in a rotation had a small positive effect on relative total and HSR distances and a large positive effect on relative rating points. MAS was associated with a moderate-to-large increase in relative total distance, but had a large negative effect on relative rating points. Previous rotation time, stoppages and the number of rotations in the quarter had a trivial-to-small negative effect on relative total and HSR distances.

A greater speed mmin -1 was associated with a trivial increase in rating points during a rotation, while there was a trivial decrease in relative total distance as rating points increased. The complex relationship between factors that influence activity profile and technical performance during rotations in Australian football needs to be considered when interpreting match performance. Methods: A questionnaire was developed and distributed among a sample of IPL coaches, executives senior executives from the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and the Privatization Organization, and faculty members public and private universities.

Descriptive statistics and Kruskal-Wallis test were used for data analysis. Results: The results showed that the most important factors were fighting corruption and rent-seeking during and after biddings political, improving public perception of privatization of football clubs sociocultural, increasing revenues from ticket sales economic, transparency in laws regarding football club privatization legal, and the changing structure and role of the government from exclusive ownership to oversight structural.

Conclusion: Given the results of this research, the most important requirements for privatization of IPL football clubs include offering television broadcast rights, advertisement rights, and ticket sale rights to the clubs, and these and other factors discussed earlier are likely to accelerate privatization of football clubs. Distance matters in away games: Evidence from the German football league.

This paper assesses the role of distance in professional team sports, taking the example of football soccer. According to Morgan table and using simple random sampling method, participants were selected as sample.

Using SPSS 22, the descriptive and inferential including Friedman test statistics was applied for analyzing the data. The findings showed that there was a significant difference between rankings of difficulties in buying electronic tickets of Football premier league matches at Azadi Stadium. The difficulties were ranked as: problem in ticket systems, early selling out of electronic tickets, lack of confidence to electronic ticket sale, lack of skill to work with the internet, low speed of internet, and lack of access to the internet.

Low back pain status in elite and semi-elite Australian football codes: a cross-sectional survey of football soccer , Australian rules, rugby league , rugby union and non-athletic controls. Our understanding of the effects of football code participation on low back pain LBP is limited. A cross-sectional survey of elite and semi-elite male Australian football code participants and a non-athletic group was performed.

To determine the frequency and circumstances of serious cervical cord injuries associated with rugby union and league football in New South Wales. Retrospective review of patients with rugby football -related cervical spinal cord injuries.

Admission to spinal units; injury resulting in permanent tetraplegia. During the review period, rugby football players 56 union and 59 league were admitted to the spinal units because of cervical spinal cord injuries.

Two patients died of injury sequelae within two weeks of admission. There was no significant change in the rate of football -related admissions to spinal units for either code. There was a small decline in the number from 15 in to to 7 in to and incidence from 1.

No significant trend was found in the tetraplegia data associated with rugby league. Cervical spinal cord injuries leading to complete tetraplegia were most commonly associated with scrum-like plays in union and with tackles in league. Serious cervical spinal injuries associated with both codes of rugby continue to occur in NSW. Rugby football in its various forms is still an inherently dangerous game.

Effectiveness of in-season manager changes in English Premier League Football. We find that some managerial changes are successful, while others are counterproductive. On average, performance does not improve following a managerial. Comparison of anthropometry, upper-body strength, and lower-body power characteristics in different levels of Australian football players.

The aim of this study was to compare the anthropometry, upper-body strength, and lower-body power characteristics in elite junior, sub-elite senior, and elite senior Australian Football AF players. A 1-way analysis of variance assessed differences between the playing levels in these measures, whereas relationships between anthropometry and performance were assessed with Pearson’s correlation.

Australian Football players’ FFSTM are different between playing levels, which are likely because of training and partly explain the observed differences in performance between playing levels highlighting the importance of optimizing FFSTM in young players. MRI assessment of calf injuries in Australian Football League players: findings that influence return to play. Calf muscle strains have become increasingly prevalent in recent seasons of the Australian Football League AFL and represent a significant cause of time lost from competition.

The purpose of this study was to examine the association between MRI features of calf muscle strains and games missed and to thereby identify parameters that are of prognostic value. A retrospective analysis of MRI scans of AFL players with calf strains referred to a musculoskeletal radiology clinic over a 5-year period was performed.

The muscle s and muscle component affected, the site and size of strain, and the presence of an intramuscular tendon tear or intermuscular fluid were recorded. These data were cross-referenced with whether a player missed at least one game. Imaging features of prognostic value were thus identified.

Sixty-three athletes had MRI scans for calf muscle strains. Soleus strains were more common than strains of other muscles. Amongst AFL players with calf injuries, there is an association between missing at least one game and multiple muscle involvement, musculotendinous junction strains, deep strain location, and intramuscular tendon tears. In this setting, MRI may therefore provide prognostic information to help guide return-to-play decisions. A ten-minute pen and paper questionnaire was distributed to fans of five superior teams of Iranian professional football league in seasons.

A structural equation model SEM test with maximum likelihood estimation was performed to test the relationships among the research variables using participants. Benefits and attributes were placed in the second and third rank respectively. In addition, the obtained model of this research highlighted strong interactional effects between the three mentioned dimensions of brand associations.

Leg mass characteristics of accurate and inaccurate kickers–an Australian football perspective. Athletic profiling provides valuable information to sport scientists, assisting in the optimal design of strength and conditioning programmes. Understanding the influence these physical characteristics may have on the generation of kicking accuracy is advantageous.

The aim of this study was to profile and compare the lower limb mass characteristics of accurate and inaccurate Australian footballers.

Thirty-one players were recruited from the Western Australian Football League to perform ten drop punt kicks over 20 metres to a player target. These results illustrate a difference in leg mass characteristics between accurate and inaccurate kickers, highlighting the potential influence these may have on technical proficiency of the drop punt. League football teams in order to enable young players to have a better chance in squads and bring these players to the national teams have been changed because of not getting the desired results.

In the study, the effects of quota rule which was established as a legal obligation to the football teams were examined in the extent of players, coaches, and the club managers dramatis personae.

The interviews recorded in February and May , which vary from 6 minutes to 29 minutes in length according to the samples, were converted into text and categorized under 4 themes in findings section.

The themes are: 1. Problems relating the squads and the quality of the football 3. The problem of player training in the third league for the national team and transfer mobility to upper leagues 4.

The fall in wages, the problem of becoming unemployed and being obliged to play in the amateur football league. As it can be concluded from the themes which frame the narrations by the samples including different experiences considering their status and roles in terms of quota rule practice; some outcomes during the period in which the rule had been practiced particularly due to the version before the change were witnessed such as the deterioration in the quality of football , technical problems relating squads, the problem of vertical and horizontal professional mobility of the players and the fall in wages.

In the last instance; it can be concluded that it is necessary to analyze legal sanctions relating a multivariate and intricate field such. Implementation of concussion guidelines in community Australian Football and Rugby League -The experiences and challenges faced by coaches and sports trainers. While guidelines outlining the appropriate management of sport-related concussion have been developed and adapted for use within community sport, it remains unknown how they are experienced by those responsible for implementing them.

Longitudinal study. Participants also provided post-season feedback regarding their experiences in using the guidelines. Implementation challenges included disputing of decisions about return-to-play by players, parents, and coaches, and a perceived lack of time.

Recommendations for improved guideline materials included using larger fonts and providing for witnessing of advice given to players. This is the first study to examine the implementation of concussion guidelines in community sport. Information provided by those who attempted to use the guidelines will assist the refinement of implementation and dissemination processes around concussion guidelines across sports. Sports betting marketing during sporting events: a stadium and broadcast census of Australian Football League matches.

Using Australian Football League AFL matches as a case study, we investigated the frequency, length and content of marketing strategies for sports betting during two specific settings: 1 at stadiums during four live matches; and 2 during eight televised broadcasts of matches. Census of sports betting marketing during Round 12 of the AFL premiership season. Per match, there was an average of A diverse range of marketing techniques were used to: a embed sports betting within the game; b align sports betting with fans’ overall experience of the game; and c encourage individuals to bet live during the game.

There were very few visible or audible messages such as responsible gambling or Gambler’s Help messages to counter-frame the overwhelmingly positive messages that individuals received about sports betting during the match.

This study raises important questions about the impacts of saturation, integrated and impulse gambling marketing strategies in sporting matches. Future research should explore: 1 how wagering industry marketing strategies may affect the attitudes and behaviours of community sub-groups e.

The issues of modeling asscoiation football prediction model has become increasingly popular in the last few years and many different approaches of prediction models have been proposed with the point of evaluating the attributes that lead a football team to lose, draw or win the match.

There are three types of approaches has been considered for predicting football matches results which include statistical approaches, machine learning approaches and Bayesian approaches. Lately, many studies regarding football prediction models has been produced using Bayesian approaches. The English Premier League EPL for three seasons of , and has been selected and reviewed. K-fold cross validation has been used for testing the accuracy of prediction model.

BNs achieved predictive accuracy of It is hoped that the results could be used as the benchmark output for future research in predicting football matches results. Studies of the longevity of professional American football players have demonstrated lower mortality relative to the general population but they may have been susceptible to selection bias.

To examine the association between career participation in professional American football and mortality risk in retirement. Follow-up ended on December 31, NFL participation as a career player or as a replacement player. The primary outcome was all-cause mortality by December 31, Cox proportional hazards models were estimated to compare the observed number of years from age 22 years until death or censoring , adjusted for birth year, body mass index, height, and position played.

Information on player death and cause of death was ascertained from a search of the National Death Index and web-based sources. At the end of follow-up, NFL players 4. The adjusted mortality hazard ratio for NFL players relative to replacements was 1. Match score affects activity profile and skill performance in professional Australian Football players.

To examine the influence of quarter outcome and the margin of the score differential on both the physical activity profile and skill performance of players during professional Australian Football matches. Prospective, longitudinal. Physical activity profiles were assessed via microtechnology Global Positioning System and accelerometer from 40 professional AF players from the same team during 15 Australian Football League games.

The physical performance variables, skill involvements and individual player performance scores were expressed relative to playing time for each quarter. The influence of the quarter result i. Full Text Available The study aims to examine brand management model in Iran’s professional Football League with emphasis on brand image. According to Results, brand image play a pivotal role between Iranian fans brand loyalty.

Create an attractive and desirable brand image in the fans mind increases brand loyalty. And due to, revenue and profits increase through ticket sales and products of club and also attract more sponsors.

Game story space of professional sports: Australian rules football. Sports are spontaneous generators of stories. Through skill and chance, the script of each game is dynamically written in real time by players acting out possible trajectories allowed by a sport’s rules. By properly characterizing a given sport’s ecology of “game stories,” we are able to capture the sport’s capacity for unfolding interesting narratives, in part by contrasting them with random walks.

We find that AFL games exhibit a continuous spectrum of stories rather than distinct clusters. We show how coarse graining reveals identifiable motifs ranging from last-minute comeback wins to one-sided blowouts.

Through an extensive comparison with biased random walks, we show that real AFL games deliver a broader array of motifs than null models, and we provide consequent insights into the narrative appeal of real games.

The impact of a cervical spine diagnosis on the careers of National Football League athletes. Cohort study. To determine the effect of cervical spine pathology on athletes entering the National Football League.

The association of symptomatic cervical spine pathology with American football athletes has been described; however, it is unknown how preexisting cervical spine pathology affects career performance of a National Football League player. The medical evaluations and imaging reports of American football athletes from to during the combine were evaluated.

Athletes with a cervical spine diagnosis were matched to controls and career statistics were compiled. Of a total of evaluated athletes, players met the inclusion criteria. No neurological injury occurred during their careers. In 7 players who were drafted with a history of cervical spine surgery 4 anterior cervical discectomy and fusion, 2 foraminotomy, and 1 suboccipital craniectomy with a C1 laminectomy , there was no difference in career longevity or performance when compared with matched controls.

This study suggests that athletes with preexisting cervical spine pathology were less likely to be drafted than controls. Players with preexisting cervical spine pathology demonstrated a shorter career than those without; however, statistically based performance and numbers of games started were not different. Players with cervical spinal stenosis and those with a history of previous surgery demonstrated no difference in performance-based outcomes and no reports of neurological.

Football fans and food: a case study of a football club in the English premier league. Although there is growing awareness of the impact of diet on health, little attention has been given to the food available in our sports stadia. We used a football club Citygrene FC – Citygrene is a fictional name – in the English Premier League as a case study to examine the attitudes of male and female football supporters to the food and drink available at their home stadium Citygrene Stadium.

The research design used five focus groups of male and female fans. The discourse was audiotaped, transcribed, coded and analysed for themes. A football stadium in the English Premier League , England. The participants were season ticket holders drawn from two stands at Citygrene Stadium.

The research showed a high level of dissatisfaction with the food and drink supplied. There were key differences in the views of the male and female participants in the focus groups, with the women more concerned about wider issues such as the lack of healthy food.

Both men and women were aware of their role as consumers and felt that there was an opportunity for Citygrene to improve their catering profits, if they provided a better selection of food and drink and an improved service. The study shows that there is a demand for healthier food options and a wider choice of food and drink in general , which may provide an economic opportunity for stadium and catering managers. In addition, a stadium may be considered a potential ‘healthy setting’, which can serve as a supportive environment for healthier food choices.

On average, performance does not improve following a managerial replacement. The successfulness of managerial turnover depends on specific highly unpredictable circumstances, as we illustrate through case-studies. A strategy to reduce illicit drug use is effective in elite Australian football.

This testing includes performance-enhancing drugs as well as illicit substances such as marijuana, amphetamines and cocaine.

Illicit drugs are tested for on match days but not on non-match days. Some athletes are known to use illicit substances for recreational purposes, away from competition times and this poses a serious health and welfare issue not addressed by the usual sport drug testing regimes.

Methods Players in the AFL were tested for illicit drugs both in-competition and out-of-competition. Players were selected for illicit substance tests either randomly or targeted based on previous test history or time since previous test. The number of tests conducted was increased each year from to and testing was focused on high-risk times during non-competition periods.

Results There were no positive match day tests. Cervical stenosis in a professional rugby league football player: a case report. Full Text Available Abstract Background This paper describes a case of C7 radiculopathy in a professional rugby league player after repeated cervical spine trauma. The report outlines the management of the patient following an acute cervical hyperflexion injury with chiropractic manipulation and soft tissue therapies. It also presents a change in approach to include distractive techniques on presentation of a neurological deficit following re-injury.

The clinical outcomes, while good, were very dependent upon the athlete restricting himself from further trauma during games, which is a challenge for a professional athlete. Case presentation A year old male front row Australian rugby league player presented complaining of neck pain after a hyperflexion and compressive injury during a game. Repeated trauma over a four month period resulted in radicular pain. Radiographs revealed decreased disc height at the C5-C6 and C6-C7 levels and mild calcification within the anterior longitudinal ligament at the C6-C7 level.

MRI revealed a right postero-lateral disc protrusion at the C6-C7 level causing a C7 nerve root compression. Conclusion Recommendations from the available literature at the present time suggest that conservative management of cervical discogenic pain and disc protrusion, including chiropractic manipulation and ancillary therapies, can be successful in the absence of progressive neurological deficit. The current case highlights the initial successful management of a football athlete, and the later unsuccessful management.

This case highlights the issues involvement in the management of a collision sport athlete with a serious neck injury. A mixed methods analysis. The objective of this study was to explore how social media is used by a population of injured professional athletes, by comparing the content and frequency of posts on social media, pre and post-injury.

A retrospective mixed methods design was utilised. Publicly accessible social media profiles for these players were identified on Twitter and Instagram. All posts published on verified profiles, from four weeks prior to injury until return to play, were extracted. Thematic analysis was used to investigate the content of these posts, while univariate and multivariate linear regression was used to investigate the frequency of posts during this time period. Two reoccurring themes were identified exclusively post-injury; ‘supporting team from the sideline’ and ‘sharing information about injury and rehabilitation’.

The frequency of total posts did not differ significantly pre and post-injury, but the frequency of injury related posts increased in the immediate post-injury phase, then decreased between weeks and weeks post-injury. The frequency of injury related posts was higher with more severe injuries.

The findings of this study suggest that injured players use social media to seek social support from their followers, especially in the immediate post-injury period and after sustaining a severe injury. The role of social media in injury rehabilitation may warrant further investigation, to determine if it could be used to facilitate return to play. Superior labrum anterior-posterior SLAP tears are an entity with well-described detrimental effects on return to play in overhead-throwing athletes but with minimal data in contact athletes.

Descriptive epidemiology study. SLAP tears represented a small portion 3. Epidemiology and history of knee injury and its impact on activity limitation among football premier league professional referees. The purpose of this study was to determine the epidemiology and history of knee injury and its impact on activity limitation among football premier league professional referees in Iran. This was a descriptive study. The knee injury related information such as injury history and mechanism was recorded.

Injury related symptoms and their impacts on the activity limitation, ability to perform activities of daily living as well participation in sports and recreational activities was obtained through the Knee Outcome Survey KOS.

The results indicated that 31 out of 59 participants reported the history of knee injury. In addition, Results further indicated that Knee injury was quite common among the Football Premier League professional referees.

It was also indicated that the injuries occurred mainly due to insufficient physical fitness. Therefore, it is suggested that football referees undergo the proper warm-up program to avoid knee injury. Orthopedic team physicians for all 32 NFL and NCAA Division I football teams were asked to complete a survey regarding demographics and preferred treatment of a variety of injuries encountered in football players.

Prophylactic knee bracing, which may prevent medial collateral ligament injuries, was used at a significantly P football players. To our knowledge, this is the first study to show an association between concussion, cognition, and anatomical structural brain changes across the age spectrum in former National Football League athletes.

To assess the relationship of hippocampal volume, memory performance, and the influence of concussion history in retired National Football League athletes with and without mild cognitive impairment MCI. This retrospective cohort study assessed differences between groups, mean hippocampal volumes, and memory performance by computing age quintiles based on group-specific linear regression models corrected for multiple comparisons for both athletes and control participants. The study was conducted starting in November and is ongoing at a research center in the northern region of Texas.

This current analysis was conducted from October 9, , to August 21, Participants included 28 retired National Football League athletes, 8 of whom had MCI and a history of concussion, 21 cognitively healthy control participants, and 6 control participants with MCI without concussion.

Hippocampal volume, age, California Verbal Learning Test scores, and the number of grade 3 G3 concussions. In addition, the number of games played was examined as an objective variable pertaining to football history. The mean SD age was Retired athletes with concussion history but without cognitive impairment had normal but significantly lower California Verbal Learning Test scores compared with control participants mean [SD], In addition, the left hippocampal. Beal and Heather K. Olson Beal this issue promise to update some of the arguments made by Jeffrey R.

Full Text Available Given the importance of brand management of sport teams, the objective of this study was to investigate the impact of relationship marketing dimensions, including team attachment, team trust, team involvement, and team selfexpression on team loyalty of fans of sport teams participating in Iran Azadeghan Football League. Sample size of this study included fans of football teams, and structural equation modeling was used for analysis of data using Lisrel software.

The results confirmed all hypotheses, except one hypothesis. Therefore, there is significant relationship between team self-expression and team attachment among football sport teams in Azadeghan Football League of Iran. The results show the importance of paying attention to fans of sports teams and use of their high potential and capacity that sports teams brand managers must pay particular attention to this enormous capacity.

Regarding sports teams, the impact of relationship marketing, particularly dimensions of self-expression and team involvement was investigated for the first time in Iran.

Biomechanical characteristics of handballing maximally in Australian football. The handball pass is influential in Australian football , and achieving higher ball speeds in flight is an advantage in increasing distance and reducing the chance of interceptions.

The purpose of this study was to provide descriptive kinematic data and identify key technical aspects of maximal handball performance. Three-dimensional full body kinematic data from 19 professional Australian football players performing handball pass for maximal speed were collected, and the hand speed at ball contact was used to determine performance. Sixty-four kinematic parameters initially obtained were reduced to 15, and then grouped into like components through a two-stage supervised principal components analysis procedure.

These components were then entered into a multiple regression analysis, which indicated that greater hand speed was associated with greater shoulder angular velocity and separation angle between the shoulders and pelvis at ball contact, as well as an earlier time of maximum upper-trunk rotation velocity. These data suggested that in order to increase the speed of the handball pass in Australian football , strategies like increased shoulder angular velocity, increased separation angle at ball contact, and earlier achievement of upper-trunk rotation speed might be beneficial.

Worldwide more and more money is being invested in sports teams and professional sports leagues. There are numerous sports that are popular in different parts of the world. Smaller leagues e Changes in muscle activation following balance and technique training and a season of Australian football. Randomized Control Trial. Each Australian football player participated in either 28 weeks of balance and technique training or ‘sham’ training.

Peak knee moments and directed co-contraction ratios in three degrees of freedom, as well as total muscle activation were calculated during pre-planned and unplanned sidestepping. When implemented in a community level training environment, balance and technique training was not effective in changing the activation of the muscles crossing the knee during sidestepping. Following a season of Australian football , players are better able to support both frontal and sagittal plane knee moments.

When compared to pre-planned sidestepping, Australian football players may be at increased risk of anterior cruciate ligament injury during unplanned sidestepping in the latter half of an Australian football season. J Strength Cond Res 30 10 : , The purpose of this study was to examine anthropometric measurements and the results of a battery of performance tests administered during the National Football League NFL Combine between American football players who were declared eligible to participate in the NFL Combine and football players of a top Italian team Rhinos Milan.

A 1-way analysis of variance followed by the Tukey-Kramer post hoc test was used for comparisons between Italian players by playing position. Therefore, coaches can use this information for individualization of training according to playing positions and for optimization of training in the amateur game. See you at the match: Motivation for sport consumption and intrinsic psychological reward of premier football league spectators in South Africa. Full Text Available Orientation: Local football contributes significantly to the social- and economic welfare of South Africa through its spectators.

Understanding the motives and experiences of football spectators could provide opportunities for capitalising on football as revenue stream feeding the South African economy. Research purpose: To investigate how motives for sport consumption predict intrinsic psychological reward of South African premier league football spectators. Motivation for the study: Sport – particularly football – is an untapped resource for stimulating economic development and growth through its consumers.

Spectators, who often experience their investment in the sport as deeply rewarding and meaningful, should participate more frequently in purchasing products or services associated with the sport. Through understanding the motives for sport consumption of South African premier league football spectators and the impact of these motives on intrinsic psychological reward experiences, football clubs are able to provide a targeted experience or service to spectators in order to further stimulate economic growth.

Research design, approach and method: A census sample of football spectators attending various matches at a football stadium in Soweto was drawn. A cross-sectional research design was implemented. This research was exploratory and descriptive. Structural equation modelling was implemented to assess the factor structures of the constructs, to confirm composite reliability of the measures and to assess the structural paths between the variables.

Main findings: A predictive model for intrinsic psychological rewards life satisfaction and meaning through the motivation for sport consumption individual — and game related factors was confirmed. It was further established that motivation for sport consumption is significantly positively a related to and b associated with the experience of intrinsic psychological reward by South African.

Corporate social responsibility and mental health: the Premier League football Imagine Your Goals programme.

Football is increasingly used to facilitate recovery in mental health services, often in partnership with football clubs. However, few clubs have made mental health part of their corporate social responsibility programmes until recently. We report the impact on participants of the ‘Imagine Your Goals’ programme, run by 16 Premier League football clubs in conjunction with England’s Time to Change programme to reduce mental health-related stigma and discrimination.

There were no significant changes to participants’ mental well-being scores between baseline and follow-up, nor to the total number of social resources accessible through their networks.

However, there was a statistically significant increase at follow-up in the mean score of the personal skills subscale of the Resource Generator-UK. Participants’ individual skills were also higher at follow-up. Qualitative data showed programmes had largely met participants’ expectations in terms of socializing, providing structure and improving fitness levels, exceeded expectations in relationships with coaching staff and additional activities, but did not always meet them in improving football skills.

Participants varied in their knowledge of exit opportunities, depending on which club’s programme they attended. A minority of clubs reported difficulties in recruitment and concerns about planning for the future of the projects.

Football clubs and the charitable foundations they set up can successfully deliver programmes to people with mental health problems which improve access to personal skills social capital and have other potential benefits. Analysis of physical match performance in English Premier League soccer referees with particular reference to first half and player work rates.

The aim of the present study was to examine the influence of first half activity, overall match intensity and seasonal variation on the physical match performances of English Premier League football referees.

Match analysis data was collected using the Prozone match analysis system from 19 full-time professional referees during a total of matches in the season. Using these match activity variables the influence of first half TD and HIR distances on second half activities and also the influence of players’ match activities upon the referees’ physical match performances were examined.

Further examination is required as to whether reduced physical performances in the second half of matches are a consequence of referee fatigue, tactical strategies on behalf of the referee or reduced player match activities resulting in a slower tempo of match. The aim of this paper was to use a clinical example to describe a treatment strategy for the management of recurrent chronic groin pain and evaluate the evidence of the interventions.

The injury was managed successfully with a nine-point programme – 1. Acute pharmacological management. Tone reduction of over-active structures. Improved ROM at hips, pelvis and thorax. Adductor strength. Functional movement assessment. Core stability. Lumbo-pelvic control. Gym-based strengthening. The evidence for these interventions is reviewed. The player returned to full training and match play within 41 and 50 days, respectively, and experienced no recurrence of his symptoms in follow up at 13 months.

All rights reserved. Injury incidence in a Premier League youth soccer academy using the consensus statement: a prospective cohort study. Background There is an established risk of injury to young athletes exposed to high training loads. Identifying and monitoring injury risk is essential to aid prevention. The aim of this study was to use the consensus statement to determine the incidence and pattern of injury in 1 English Premier League soccer academy during 1 season.

Methods A prospective cohort study included elite academy soccer players during the — season. The number, type and incidence of injuries were recorded during matches and training. Under U 18 players sustained the highest number of match injuries. U12—14 players sustained the highest number of training injuries and injuries overall. U16 players sustained the highest number of severe injuries, and U18 players sustained the highest number of moderate injuries.

The most common injuries were muscle injuries in U15 and U18 players. The most common injury location was the anterior thigh, with the majority of these occurring in training.

Conclusions Using the consensus statement, this study used a repeatable method to identify the injury profile of elite academy-level soccer players. A new method for comparing rankings through complex networks: Model and analysis of competitiveness of major European soccer leagues. In this paper, we show a new technique to analyze families of rankings. In particular, we focus on sports rankings and, more precisely, on soccer leagues. We consider that two teams compete when they change their relative positions in consecutive rankings.

This allows to define a graph by linking teams that compete. We show how to use some structural properties of this competitivity graph to measure to what extend the teams in a league compete.

These structural properties are the mean degree, the mean strength, and the clustering coefficient. We give a generalization of the Kendall’s correlation coefficient to more than two rankings.

We also show how to make a dynamic analysis of a league and how to compare different leagues. We compare our results with the classical analysis of sport ranking based on measures of competitive balance. Static balance shows how teams in the league tables of each year differ from each another. It is determined by a calculation of determinant divergences in the percentages of winnings. The results of this work provide graphic illustrations of the development of the competitive balance in the aforementioned contests over the latest forty-two years.

They identify the development trend of this phenomenon. Of the contests studied, it is the Czech premier league which used to show the highest static balance. However, nowadays, the Austrian and Hungarian leagues are more balanced in the short term. On the contrary, it is the Ukrainian league which is the least balanced. There is an apparent longterm decline of competition balance within all of the analyzed competitions. However, this decline varies a lot within the group.

Distance matters in away games: Evidence from the German football league. This paper assesses the role of distance in professional team sports, taking the example of football soccer. Full Text Available The economic environment and business, advertising in sport is one of the ways that most companies to manage the brand, its products and expanding its market in the country.

The aim of the present study investigates the effects of advertising on transfer of brand identity from the perspective of sports consumers in Premier League football. This study on the nature and purpose and in terms of descriptive and correlational in terms of search data, a survey was carried out that way.

After face and content validity, reliability test using Cronbach’s alpha for the questionnaire, the effect of advertising tools 0. In order to analyze the data, descriptive and inferential statistical methods for the calculation and processing information, and also Spss software packages and LISREL were used.

The effect of each variable prioritize research also showed use of tool television advertising has the greatest impact on consumers transfer of brand identity. According to the results, it can be said that managers, marketers and planners of advertising companies, organizations and clubs and sporting goods service provider using of the effectiveness of each advertising tool and provide an integrated program of tools and to inform, remind and convince consumers can transfer of brand identity or brand and achieve their advertising goals.

When non-operative verses surgical ACL reconstruction is considered there are many fundamental gaps in our knowledge and currently, at elite level, there are no cases in cutting sports within the literature to guide these decisions.

When the norm is for all professional footballers to be recommended surgery, it will be very challenging when circumstances and patient autonomy dictate a conservative approach, where prognosis, end points and risk are unclear and assumed to be high. This case challenges current dogma and provides a starting point for much needed debate about best practice, treatment options, research direction and not just at the elite level of sport.

Presence of the relative age effect and its effect on playing time among under players in the Norwegian premier league Tippeligaen — a four-year follow up. Full Text Available European top-level soccer clubs are continually looking for talented players. Few clubs, however, are willing to let youth players play at the highest senior level.

Perhaps as a consequence, the search for talented players has resulted in an imbalance in the characteristics of these players, towards an overrepresentation of players born early in the selection year, an effect called the relative age effect RAE. The RAE has been documented to be present among senior top-level players.

Even so, few studies have investigated the effect among youth players at the senior level. Participants were male players born in The effect was even increasing in the four-year period.

As we could expect based on the literature, the oldest players are given more playing time. However, the connection between playing time and RAE was inconsistent.

Norwegian top-level soccer seems to be affected by the RAE when selecting their players. These players are not however guaranteed playing time because of the RAE. The knee and the ankle were the most common injured parts.

Most injuries were caused by tackling Continental Mathematics League. This article describes the activities of the Continental Mathematics League , which offers a series of meets for children in grades 3 though 9.

In addition, a Calculus League and a Computer Contest are offered. The league allows schools to participate by mail so that rural schools can participate.

Premier ‘s imaging IR limb sounder. Emerging from recent advanced instrument technologies IRLS shall, next to a millimetre-wave limb sounder called STEAMR , explore the benefits of three-dimensional limb sounding with embedded cloud imaging capability. Pathophysiological and pharmacological concentrations of tumor necrosis factor-alpha TNF-alpha and interleukin-1 beta IL-1 beta in the cerebrospinal fluid CSF induce anorexia in normal rats.

Obesity in humans and rodents is associated with increased TNF-alpha messenger RNA and protein levels in various cell types. This suggests that obese individuals may have differential regulation of cytokine production and dissimilar responsiveness to cytokines.

The results show that: TNF-alpha and IL-1 beta, and the concomitant administration of TNF-alpha and IL-1 beta decreased the short-term 4 hours , nighttime 12 hours , and total daily food intakes in obese and lean rats; IL-1 beta was more potent relative to TNF-alpha; obese rats showed greater responsiveness to IL-1 beta: 8.

On the other hand, obese and lean rats did not exhibit a significantly different responsiveness to the anorexia induced by 50, , or ng TNF-alpha at the 4-hour period; and the concomitant ICV administration of TNF-alpha and IL-1 beta induced anorexia with additive 4-hour period or synergistic hour and hour periods effects in obese rats.

The effect of TNF-alpha plus IL-1 beta in lean rats was greater than additive for the hour and hour periods. Author Details. Dubihlela, J. Locomotor activity of professional football referees. Full Text Available Purpose : To study the structure of the motor activity of foreign European football referees qualifications and Ukrainian arbitrators Premier League , the first, second league.

The objectives of the study was to determine the amount and direction of the motor activity of soccer referees. Also perform a comparative analysis of the motor activity of football referees of different qualifications in Europe and Ukraine.

Material : The study involved 38 referees – soccer referees first, second, of the Premier League with the different regions of Ukraine, as well as foreign arbitrators FIFA. Results : It was found that in the period of the motor activity of the arbitrator was walking – Average per match referee overcomes distance Ukrainian Premier League referees are inferior to move moderate jogging foreign arbitrators FIFA respectively – 6, Conclusions : The results of the research showed that the magnitude of motor activity during football matches in professional arbitrators may be different.

It depends on their physical fitness Championship competition, the league , the level of the teams playing, the nature of the intensity of the match. The arbitrator must remain near the gaming moments to control them and prevent possible confrontation. Full Text Available Basketball is a sport that has a very long tradition in the territory of ex-Yugoslavia. The breakdown of the country led to a de- crease in quality of basketball in the newly created countries.

The unsteadiness of quality of the teams in national leagues resulted in formation of the Regional Adriatic Basketball League ABA in The calculating of HHI index gave a different result. The main reason for that is a huge number of teams taking part in the league , which causes the unequable distribution of quality players. Reason for that are different mechanisms whose goal is to reach and maintain the competitive balance.

CERN Multimedia. Premier Wen emphasied the importance for China to collaborate on fundamental science 0. Premier Hospital Historical Data. Comparison of economic activity leading U. Full Text Available The main activities of the leading sports leagues were described. Sources of revenue and expenditure were identified. The economic performance of professional sports leagues of the United States of America was compared. In the course of the study of economic efficiency of the leading American sports leagues are defined payroll expense commands on the salaries of players for each team, the total payroll in the League and the average payroll, respectively, for each of the American League.

The largest estimates on wages, both in the League and in teams – in the National football League , the largest player’s contract – in the Highest League baseball, the minimum wage in the National hockey League ; the highest average wages, a greater percentage of athletes with a salary of more than 1 million.

This difference in the maximum income of the League and of average wages is due to several factors: the number of players in the team, the number of games in a season, and expenses on carrying out of competition and training activities.

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass RYGB and duodenal jejunal bypass DJB , two different forms of bariatric surgery, are associated with improved glucose tolerance, but it is not clear whether the gut microbiota contributes to this effect.

We observed a profound expansion of Firmicutes specifically A gender-sensitised weight loss and healthy living programme for overweight and obese men delivered by Scottish Premier League football clubs FFIT : a pragmatic randomised controlled trial. The prevalence of male obesity is increasing but few men take part in weight loss programmes.

We assessed the effect of a weight loss and healthy living programme on weight loss in football soccer fans. The intervention group started a weight loss programme within 3 weeks, and the comparison group were put on a 12 month waiting list.

All participants received a weight management booklet. Primary outcome was mean difference in weight loss between groups at 12 months, expressed as absolute weight and a percentage of their baseline weight. Primary outcome assessment was masked. Analyses were based on intention to treat. Published by Elsevier Ltd. Designed to be practical and engaging, Mastering Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is a project-based book to help you truly augment your skills and become a film editing hotshot.

If you’re just starting out or even migrating from existing video editing software, then this book is for you. With rapid progression through practical examples constructed to be both engaging and useful, Mastering Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is ideal for learning the sometimes complex workflows of this powerful application. As a result, we have found that the Brazilian League was the most balanced tournament in this period and there are no statistical differences between European leagues.

Management and marketing of sporting events: Nike Premier Cup Project. Title: Management and marketing ofsporting events: Nike Premier Cup project Points of thesis: Publish the Nike Premier Cup promotion campaign project and point out improvement possibilities for upcoming years based on analysis ofpast and present state. Science of rugby league football: a review.

The purpose of this paper is to provide a comprehensive review of the science of rugby league football at all levels of competition i. Rugby league football is played at junior and senior levels in several countries worldwide. A rugby league team consists of 13 players 6 forwards and 7 backs. The game is played over two 30 – 40 min halves depending on the standard of competition separated by a 10 min rest interval.

Several studies have documented the physiological capacities and injury rates of rugby league players. More recently, studies have investigated the physiological demands of competition.

Interestingly, the physiological capacities of players, the incidence of injury and the physiological demands of competition all increase as the playing standard is increased. Mean blood lactate concentrations of 5. Mean heart rates of beats. Skill-based conditioning games have been used to develop the skill and fitness of rugby league players, with mean heart rate and blood lactate responses during these activities almost identical to those obtained during competition. In addition, recent studies have shown that most training injuries are sustained in traditional conditioning activities that involve no skill component i.

Full Text Available The issue of race was virtually beyond the touchline in Australian rugby league before the s. Institutionalised racism meant that few Aboriginal men played rugby league at the highest professional level.

The dearth of critical writing in rugby league history indicates that racism in the sport has been subject to a form of social blindness and deemed unworthy of study. All three sections in this chapter are interrelated. Expansions and relocations, especially in the early years of a league , are often the response to upstart rival leagues.

More recently, relocations have occurred because another city offers a better facility lease regardless of whether the league as a whole is better off or not. Relocations, more so than expansions, often end up in court whether as an antitrust case accusing the league of monopolistically restricting business or as an emi These are opinion pieces, are not peer reviewed, and reflect the views of their authors alone.

A systematic review of concussion in rugby league. Concussion remains one of the inherent risks of participation in rugby league. While other injuries incurred by rugby league players have been well studied, less focus and attention has been directed towards concussion. The current review examined all articles published in English from up to June pertaining to concussion in rugby league players.

Publications were retrieved via six databases using the key search terms: rugby league , league , football; in combination with injury terms: athletic injuries, concussion, sports concussion, sports-related concussion, brain concussion, brain injury, brain injuries, mild traumatic brain injury, mTBI, traumatic brain injury, TBI, craniocerebral trauma, head injury and brain damage.

Observational, cohort, correlational, cross-sectional and longitudinal studies were all included. Rugby league concussion incidence rates vary widely from 0. The incidence rates vary across match play versus training session, seasons winter vs summer and playing position forwards vs backs.

The ball carrier has been found to be at greater risk for injury than tacklers. In comparison with other collision sports, research evaluating concussion in rugby league is limited. With such limited published rugby league data, there are many aspects of concussion that require attention, and future research may be directed towards these unanswered questions.

For permission to use where not already granted under a. Rapsodie first core manufacture. Premiere partie: l’atelier de fabrication. Centre d’ Etudes Nucleaires. This report is the first in a series of three describing the processes, results and peculiar technical problems related to the manufacture of the first core of the fast reactor Rapsodie. A detailed study of manufacturing processes pellets, pins, fissile sub-assemblies , the associated testings raw materials, processed pellets and pins, sub-assemblies before delivery , manufacturing facilities and improvements for a second campaign are described.

Il comporte une etude detaillee des procedes de fabrication pastilles, aiguilles, assemblages combustibles et des methodes de controle associees matieres premieres , pastilles et aiguilles en cours de fabrication, assemblages fissiles avant livraison , ainsi qu’une decription complete des installations de l’atelier de fabrication et les modifications apportees pour une deuxieme campagne.

The objective of this thesis was to find out about the role of Internet today in premiering movie marketing and whether Internet is a good tool for it.

The hope was to obtain new information provided by moviegoers and to contribute something useful to the art of marketing premiering movies. This thesis was a part of the School of Business and Information Management’s Innomajakka-project but did not have an official commissioner, so the topic for the thesis came from the writer’s personal and It has many abnormalities, including hyperphagia, hyper-insulinemia, insulin resistance, low cerebral glucose utilization and an overactive hypothalamo-pituitary adrenal HPA axis with resulting hypercorticism.

These common regions were found to belong to be related to the limbic system. Within this system, the LCGU of the brain of obese rats was either normalized to lean sham operated values or increased by ADX to a similar degree in both groups on a percentage basis.

It was concluded that the LCGU of both lean and obese animals appears to be negatively regulated, albeit to different extents, by glucocorticoids. The challenge and impact of engaging hard-to-reach populations in regular physical activity and health behaviours: an examination of an English Premier League ‘Football in the Community’ men’s health programme. To investigate the challenges that men from hard-to-reach HTR populations encounter when attempting to commit to regular participation in physical activity and health behaviours, and to explore the psychological and social effects of participation in a twelve week football-led health improvement intervention.

The programme consisted of a two hour football session, twice weekly, alongside the dissemination of healthy living messages. Football sessions were conducted by a qualified FitC coach. This research was conducted during a twelve week period of immersed practitioner-research.

Ethnographic and observational methodologies were adopted. Psychosocial issues were discussed with participants through informal client-researcher interactions and data were logged via field notes. Records of attendance were logged. Participants who failed to attend a session were contacted and their reason s for non-attendance were recorded. Data were analysed using deductive and inductive reasoning.

Despite the apparent ambition of the participants to regularly participate in the FitC programme, adherence to the programme was poor. Economic, environmental and social barriers to engagement in the programme were apparent. Engagement in the programme resulted in positive psychosocial developments; the development of structure, social interaction and social capital. Community based football-led health improvement programmes endorsed by professional football clubs appear well positioned to connect with, and attract, men from HTR populations.

The evidence suggests that such programmes can. This paper provides one of the few successful demonstrations of the efficiency of certain types of restrictions in the context of a joint venture. The joint venture we examine is the National Hockey League NHL in the s, which was then composed of 21 separately owned teams. It now has 30 teams. The restriction we analyze is the NHL rule on franchise relocation.

Before one can fully understand the effect of the restriction, one must understand the theory of how sports leagues operate an We investigated the effects of a circadian disadvantage i. We reviewed 5 years of regular season games in the National Basketball Association, National Hockey League and National Football League , and noted the winning percentage of the visiting team depending on the direction of travel west, east, and same time zone and game time day and evening games.

T-tests and analysis of variance were performed to evaluate the effects of the circadian disadvantage, its direction, the number of time zones travelled, and the game time on winning percentages in each major league. The results showed an association between the winning percentages and the number of time zones traveled for the away evening games, with a clear disadvantage for the teams travelling westward. The effect of the circadian disadvantage transcends the type of sport and needs to be addressed for greater equity among the western and eastern teams in professional sports.

These results also highlight the importance of circadian rhythms in sport performance and athletic competitions. The development of the Internet and subsequent evolution of social networking has significantly changed the effectiveness of patient advocacy groups for rare diseases. The greatest degree of change has occurred at the patient level, with an increased ability of affected individuals to share experiences and support, and to raise public awareness. Other changes have occurred, not only in the way rare diseases are diagnosed, studied, and treated, but also in how they are addressed at the level of legislation and public policy.

The IDEA League ‘s mission encompasses international support and outreach for patients and families, as well as collaboration with physicians, medical education, health care coordination, and research.

The IDEA League is an excellent example of the impact of patient advocacy groups, the Internet, and social networking on the landscape of rare diseases. Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Rapid identification of the causative pathogen in patients with bacteremia allows adjustment of antibiotic therapy and improves patient outcomes. Experimental data from simulated cultures was compared with microbiology records of TTD for both culture media with growth of the species of interest in clinical blood cultures.

In the experimental conditions, median TTD was 3. The magnitude of reduction differed between species. This article examines the role and usefulness of league tables that are increasingly used to measure and compare the performance of tertiary education institutions.

The article begins with a general overview and a typology of league tables. It continues with a discussion of the controversies they have generated, including the basis and the range….

The Fanconi anemia FA pathway participates in interstrand cross-link ICL repair and the maintenance of genomic stability. Echographie devant une metrorragie du premier trimestre de Echographie devant une metrorragie du premier trimestre de grossesse sur uterus bicorne a issue favorable.

Vaginal bleeding in a pregnant woman with a bicornuate uterus, ultrasound finding and favourable outcome. The long-term effect of premier pay for performance on patient outcomes. Pay for performance has become a central strategy in the drive to improve health care. We used Medicare data to compare outcomes between the hospitals participating in the Premier HQID and control hospitals participating in public reporting alone. We examined day mortality among more than 6 million patients who had acute myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, or pneumonia or who underwent coronary-artery bypass grafting CABG between and At baseline, the composite day mortality was similar for Premier and non- Premier hospitals The rates of decline in mortality per quarter at the two types of hospitals were also similar 0.

Among hospitals that were poor performers at baseline, mortality was similar in the two groups of hospitals at the start of the study In the untreated groups of rats, the GLUT How International was the Secretariat of the League of Nations?

Scholars now offer more nuanced and archive-based analyses. However, while traditional research has This article helps to shed some light on the secretariat After examining the prevailing image of the international civil service at the League , the data will be supplemented by an analysis of the archive material with regard to recruitment and selected personnel files.

This article argues that the secretariat Why did the League of Nations fail? Why did the League of Nations ultimately fail to achieve widespread disarmament, its most fundamental goal? This article shows that the failure of the League of Nations had two important dimensions: 1 the failure to provide adequate security guarantees for its members like an alliance ; 2 the failure of this organization to achieve the disarmament goals it set out in the s and s.

Thus, it was doomed from the outset to fail, due to built-in institutional contradictions. It can als Full Text Available Looking at Central European building projects illustrates an awareness of sustainability and the need to save energy.

This trend is based on the finiteness of natural resources, and is thus wise to follow. Developments in this region including passive house technologies, and energy plus solutions that create more energy than they use have become realisable. But it is not increasing technological knowledge alone that supported these developments; the Central European climate makes it possible to invent technological solutions that allow for maximum comfort while maintaining low energy consumption.

Other regions have experienced a building boom over the past decades that has dramatically increased city sizes. A detailed examination of such building projects illustrates that most of them strive for the international standard with a high glazing ratio in the style of the Central European examples. But how can architecture be transferred to regions with entirely different climate conditions?

In the World Cup , Buffon was replaced at half-time in Italy’s 1—1 draw in their opening group stage match against Paraguay after he had a problem with his sciatic nerve.

Lippi was dismissed after Italy’s premature elimination from the World Cup. After the international retirement of Fabio Cannavaro, Buffon became the new captain of the national team under new manager Cesare Prandelli.

On 9 February , after recovering from a back injury, Buffon played his first game as Italy’s official captain in a 1—1 friendly draw against Germany in Dortmund. On 11 October, prior to Italy’s 3—0 win in a European qualifier against Northern Ireland , Buffon received a commemorative cap and medal from UEFA to mark his th international appearance; regarding his achievement, he commented: “I feel I’m entering the football nobility today and I’m happy to celebrate this milestone while still playing”.

At Euro , Buffon acted as captain during the entire tournament. He kept a clean sheet against the Republic of Ireland in the third group stage match [] and against England , saving a crucial penalty from Ashley Cole in the quarter-final shootout, in which he was elected man of the match. Italy won the match 2—1 and advanced to the final against defending European and World champions Spain, with whom Italy had drawn 1—1 in the opening group stage match, only having conceded three goals; the semi-final victory qualified Italy for the Confederations Cup , as Spain had previously won the World Cup.

On 26 March , in a World Cup qualifying match against Malta , Buffon earned his th cap for Italy, equalling Paolo Maldini’s number of caps for the national team. In the same match, Buffon saved a penalty from Michael Mifsud , helping Italy to a 2—0 away win.

Buffon was included in the Italian squad for the Confederations Cup in Brazil and played in every match of the tournament as captain. After a 0—0 draw, they lost 7—6 in the resulting penalty shootout. Although both Buffon and Spanish counterpart Iker Casillas had managed to keep a clean sheet throughout the match, neither goalkeeper was able to stop a penalty in the shootout; the lone miss, by Leonardo Bonucci, was hit over bar.

This cap put him at only one cap from record appearance holder Fabio Cannavaro. Buffon kept a clean sheet for Italy in the 1—0 win and was praised for making several saves, earning the man of the match award. The win allowed Italy to move seven points clear in their qualifying group. Italy won the match 2—1, allowing them to qualify for the World Cup in Brazil as top of their group, with two games at hand; this was the first time that the Italian squad had done so.

On 12 May, Buffon was named in Italy’s man preliminary World Cup squad by Cesare Prandelli , [] and on 31 May, he was named the starting goalkeeper and captain in the final squad. Andrea Pirlo captained the team in his absence, as Italy won the match 2—1. In Italy’s next group match, which ended in a 1—0 loss to Costa Rica, he captained his national side for the first time at a World Cup, the fourth World Cup in which he appeared.

Buffon made his first appearance for Italy under new manager Antonio Conte on 9 September , captaining his team in their opening European Championship qualifying match against Norway in Oslo. He kept a clean sheet as Italy won the match 2—0. After the Euro qualification, Buffon stated that Euro would be the final European Championship of his career, [] but expressed his intentions to retire only after the World Cup , which would see him play up to the age of On 6 October , Buffon made his th appearance for Italy in a 1—1 draw against Spain in a World Cup qualifying match in Turin, under manager Gian Piero Ventura , making him the joint eighth-most capped international player of all time with Cobi Jones , and the second-most capped active international player, behind only Iker Casillas.

Buffon’s th international appearance came on 13 November, in the second leg of the World Cup play-offs against Sweden, at the San Siro Stadium in Milan. Although he kept a clean sheet in the 0—0 draw, Italy’s 1—0 away loss in the first leg on 10 November saw Sweden advance on aggregate, meaning that Italy had failed to qualify for the World Cup for the first time in 60 years. Although he had originally intended to retire after competing in the World Cup, following the match and Italy’s failure to qualify the tournament, an emotional and tearful Buffon communicated his retirement from international football, stating: “I’m not sorry for myself but all of Italian football.

We failed at something which also means something on a social level. There’s regret at finishing like that, not because time passes. There is certainly a future for Italian football, as we have pride, ability, determination and after bad tumbles, we always find a way to get back on our feet. He later confirmed his international retirement on social media, tweeting from the national team’s official account: “We are proud, we are strong, we are stubborn.

We will pick ourselves up as we have always done. I am leaving a national team set-up that will know how to pick itself up again. Best wishes to everybody, and especially to those with whom I have shared this beautiful journey. I’m of a certain age, so it’s right for me to take a pause. With the way I am though, both for Juventus and for the national team I have always considered myself a soldier, so I could never desert a possible call in the future if needed. Even at 60, if there were a total absence of goalkeepers and they asked me to come back, I’d be there, because I have in me the concept of nation.

On 17 March , despite Buffon’s initial decision to retire, he was called up for Italy’s March friendlies against Argentina and England by caretaker manager Luigi Di Biagio. In addition, I’ve always been an unifying element in the national set-up, and I’d like my presence to be seen in this way. The young lads will grow, some already have, and from tomorrow they’ll get their chance,” [] and “I am here for Astori [a former international teammate of Buffon’s who had recently died from a heart attack] as well, it’s another reason why I wanted to be here.

When I was at Juventus, it was already difficult to get past Cannavaro and Thuram in defence during training sessions. If I managed to get past them, then I would find Buffon, and it was almost impossible to beat him! Since his emergence as a precocious talent in his youth, Buffon has been renowned for his consistent performances throughout his career, and has received praise from managers, players, as well as both present and former goalkeeping colleagues, for his concentration and calm composure under pressure, as well as his work-rate, and longevity.

Most of the goalkeepers have had times when their form has not been so good, but Buffon has been at such a high level for so long. In his prime, Buffon was a talented, complete, brave, aggressive, and often instinctive and frenetic goalkeeper, who was recognised for his speed, prowess, and anticipation when coming off his line in one on one situations, as well as his confidence, goalkeeping technique, reactions, and ability to get to ground quickly to collect, parry, or even challenge for the ball with his feet; when playing in teams that relied upon high defensive lines and a zonal marking system, he often functioned as a sweeper-keeper , frequently rushing out of his area to clear the ball or face opponents who had beaten the offside trap.

In his youth, his ball skills even occasionally led him to take on opponents , whenever he was put under pressure by on-running strikers. But his positioning is perfect. He’s very deep. He never strays far from his line. That gives him an extra split second to see the ball, judge the flight, move his feet.

And more often than not, he catches the ball. The other thing that stands out is his shape when diving. It’s almost faultless. His arms and legs and body are all in sync. Everything is solid. After struggling with a series of injuries between and , [] [] Buffon effectively adapted his style of goalkeeping to the physical effects of ageing, while also modifying his diet and training regime, and as a result, has developed into a less spectacular, but more efficient, calm, and reflective goalkeeper; [] [] [] [] [] [] despite the loss of some of his physical strength, explosiveness, speed and mobility, he has continued to excel at the highest level due to the consistency of his performances, as well as his positioning between the posts, tactical intelligence, decision-making, and his ability to read the game and organise his defence.

Buffon is widely regarded by players, pundits and managers as one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time, [nb 9] and by some in the sport as the greatest ever. Although when he started his career it was more common for goalkeepers to wear long-sleeved jerseys, Buffon has always been known for wearing short-sleeves throughout his entire career, even during the winter months; when asked in a interview with FourFourTwo why he preferred to wear short sleeves, he commented: “I really don’t know why.

It’s just something that I’ve always done, right from the time I first started playing in goal. It always felt good. And now look: lots of goalkeepers do it.

I’ve started a fashion. Buffon was born into a family of Italian athletes on 28 January His mother, Maria Stella, was a discus thrower and his father, Adriano, was a weightlifter. On 14 November , Buffon released the Italian edition of his autobiography, Numero 1 Number 1 , which was written in collaboration with writer and Corriere della Sera journalist Roberto Perrone. In , he elaborated that, between December and June , he regularly visited a psychologist , but refused to take medication, and he overcame his depression prior to Euro Buffon suffers from spheksophobia , [] as he is allergic to wasp stings.

On 7 May , Buffon was elected vice-president of the Italian Footballers’ Association AIC ; this was the first time an active footballer had held this position. Buffon has been sponsored by German sportswear company Puma during his career, wearing Puma gloves and Puma King football boots, and has appeared in Puma commercials. In , he featured in a commercial for Italian mineral water company Ferrarelle.

In , Buffon was chosen as the new face of Amica Chips. Throughout the —18 season , Buffon appeared in the Netflix docu-series called First Team: Juventus.

In May , Buffon announced his partnership with the video game World of Tanks. In December , Buffon announced his collaboration with the Spanish clothing and accessories retailer Kimoa , which is owned by Spanish race car driver Fernando Alonso , to release four different limited edition models of sunglasses, which represent four European cities associated with Buffon’s football career and achievements: Berlin the location of the victorious World Cup Final , Moscow the city in which he made his international debut and won the UEFA Cup , Paris the city in which his former club PSG is based , and Turin the city in which his club at the time, Juventus, is based.

In the last scene, Buffon takes a shot on Antonacci as goalkeeper, with the video intentionally stopping before the ball is either scored or saved.


Usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie.Federal Resume Writing For USAJOBS


Australian Football League concussion usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie what do community players think? Background Preventing concussion in sport is a global challenge.

Methods 3 focus groups, each comprising 6 players from 1 regional leaguewere conducted until saturation of issues raised. Discussions followed a semistructured script and were audio-recorded and transcribed verbatim.

Thematic analysis was conducted by 2 coders independently. Results Identified advantages of the guidelines included highlighting the seriousness of concussion; changing the culture around playing with concussion and shifting return-to-play decision responsibility from players to others.

Identified facilitators to guideline use included local league enforcement; broad information dissemination and impartial medically trained staff to assess concussion. Conclusions Players generally understand that the AFL concussion guidelines protect their long-term welfare. However, their desire to play at all costs and help their team win is a common barrier to reporting concussion and adhering to guidelines.

Leagues should take a lead role by mandating and enforcing the use of the guidelines and educating coaches, game day medical providers and players. The return-to-play component of the guidelines is usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie and needs further consideration in /48222.txt context of community sport.

Background and Purpose: Given the turbulent and highly contested environment in which professional coaches work, a prime concern to coach developers is how coaches learn their craft. The evaluation adopted a pre- and post-implementation design to monitor a number of performance indicators. The volume of alcohol sold at matches decreased. Survey data indicate decreased alcohol related usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie, improved spectator behaviour and decreased spectator attendances.

Police data suggest declining мне outspell game online for free работай and violent behaviours, but trends were not statistically significant. Alice Springs Hospital injury admission data indicate a non-significant interaction between year and season effect. In a community context of high alcohol consumption and high rates of interpersonal violence, the strategies implemented were successful in decreasing alcohol читать and related undesirable behaviours at football games.

However, these measures have resulted in unintended consequences: decreased numbers of spectators attending games, decreased canteen sales and falling sponsorship.

The decreased revenue has raised serious issues about sustainability of the alcohol intervention, and stimulated discussions with government and others about strategies to maintain this important alcohol reduction policy. Understanding the drivers on medical workloads: an analysis of spectators at the Australian Football League. The present study was designed to further understand the psychosocial drivers of crowds impacting on the demand for healthcare.

This involved analysing different spectator crowds for medical usage at mass gatherings; more specifically, did different football team spectators of the Australian Football League generate different medical usage rates. In usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie, games were analysed from 10 venues over 2 years. In measuring usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie for emergency medical services there is a need to develop a more sophisticated understanding of a variety of drivers in addition to traditional metrics such as temperature, crowd size and other physical elements.

In this study we saw that spectators who supported different football teams generated statistically significant differences in PPR. What is known about this topic? Understanding the drivers of emergency medical care is most important in the mass gathering setting.

There has been minimal analysis of psychological ‘crowd’ variables. What does this paper add? This study explores the psychosocial impact of supporting a different team on the PPR of spectators at Australian Football League matches. The value of collecting and analysing these types of data sets is to support more balanced planning, better decision support and knowledge management, and more effective emergency medical demand management.

What are the implications for practitioners? This information further expands the body of evidence being created to understand the drivers of emergency medical demand and usage. To examine self-reported patterns of usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie consumption and experience of alcohol-related harms among professional Australian Football League AFL players. Cross-sectional survey of player alcohol consumption and self-reported alcohol-related harms among members of all 16 professional AFL clubs.

Data relating to the football year were collected between 25 July and 30 August at regular football training sessions using a self-administered structured questionnaire.

Alcohol consumption varied at different times of the year. Formal club rules. Predicting higher selection in elite junior Australian Rules football : The influence of physical performance and anthropometric attributes. To develop a physiological performance and anthropometric attribute model to predict Australian Football League draft selection.

Cross-sectional observational. Physiological performance vertical jumps, agility, speed and running endurance and anthropometric body mass and height data were obtained. Hedge’s effect sizes were calculated to assess the influence of selection-level and competition on these physical attributes, with logistic regression models constructed to посмотреть больше Australian Football League Drafted and National Championship players.

Rule induction analysis was undertaken to determine a set of rules for discriminating selection-level. Effect size comparisons revealed a range of small to moderate differences between State-level club players and both other groups for all attributes, with trivial to small differences between Australian Football League Drafted and National Championship players noted.

Logistic regression models showed multistage fitness test, height and 20 m sprint time as the most important attributes in predicting Draft success.

Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. But perhaps the biggest change in the AFL is that the play element is now usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie as function of business. Put simply, winning leads to more money.

As such, the play element is now manipulated more than ever. The game has more coaches implementing more tactics, strategies, game plans and set plays than ever before. This analysis will be supported with insights and views from AFL fans, members, commentators and theorists.

Full Text Available It has previously been shown that being of aboriginal descent is a risk factor for hamstring injuries in Australian football. The aim of this study was to review the Australian Football League AFL injury database to determine whether there were any injuries where indigenous players had different relative risks to non-indigenous players.

Analysis was conducted using data from the AFL injury database, which included data from 4, usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie over 21 years —, coveringplayer-matches at AFL level, 91, matches at lower levels andweeks possible matches of exposure. Compared to non-indigenous players, indigenous players had a significantly higher risk of hamstring injuries RR 1.

The results for the above injuries were also significant in terms of games missed. There was no difference between overall risk of injury RR 1. This suggests that indigenous AFL players have the same overall number of injuries and missed games, but a slightly different injury profile.

Full Text Available This paper focuses on the contribution of Australian Football League AFL players to their team’s on-field /45991.txt by simulating player interactions within a chosen team list and estimating the net effect on final score margin. A Visual Basic computer program was written, firstly, to isolate the effective interactions between players from a particular team in all season matches and, secondly, to generate a symmetric interaction matrix for each match.

Negative binomial distributions were fitted to each player pairing in the Geelong Football Club for the season, enabling an interactive match simulation model given the 22 chosen players. Dynamic player ratings were calculated from the simulated network using eigenvector centrality, a method that recognises and rewards interactions with more prominent players in the team network.

The centrality ratings were recorded after every network usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie and then applied in final score margin predictions so that each player’s match contribution-and, hence, an optimal team-could be estimated. The paper ultimately demonstrates that the presence of highly rated players, such as Geelong’s Jimmy Bartel, provides the most utility within a simulated team network.

It is anticipated that these findings will facilitate optimal AFL team selection and player substitutions, which are key areas of interest to coaches. Network simulations are also attractive for use within betting markets, specifically to provide information on the likelihood of a chosen AFL team list “covering the line”.

Using video analysis for concussion surveillance in Australian football. The objectives of the study were to посмотреть больше the relationship between various player and game factors and risk of concussion; and to assess the reliability of video analysis for mechanistic assessment of concussion in Australian football. Prospective cohort study. All impacts and collisions resulting usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie concussion were identified during the Australian Football League season.

An extensive list of factors for assessment was created based upon previous analysis of concussion in Australian Football League and expert opinions. The authors independently reviewed the video clips and correlation for each factor was examined.

A total of 82 concussions were reported in games rate: 8. Player demographics and game variables such as venue, timing of the game day, night or twilightquarter, travel status home or interstate or score margin did not demonstrate a significant relationship with risk of concussion; although usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie higher percentage of concussions occurred in the first 5min of game time of the quarter Variables with good inter-rater agreement included position on the ground, circumstances of the injury and cause of the impact.

The remainder of the variables assessed had fair-poor inter-rater agreement. Common problems included usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie or poor quality video and interpretation issues related to the definitions used. Clear definitions and good quality video from multiple camera angles are required to improve the utility of video analysis for concussion surveillance in Australian football. The first prospective injury audit of League of Ireland footballers. Objectives Football has the highest sports participation usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie Research into injury incidence and patterns in Irish football is non-existent.

The aim of this study was to conduct a prospective injury audit of League of Ireland semiprofessional footballers during the season 8 months, 28 games. Usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie A total of semiprofessional League of Ireland footballers were prospectively followed between March and November Data were collected in accordance with the international consensus on football injury epidemiology. Results The injury rate was 9. The incidence of injury is in line with that of Dutch amateur usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie.

Complex networks untangle competitive advantage in Australian football. We construct player-based complex network models of Australian football teams for the Australian Football League season; modelling the passes between players as weighted, directed edges.

We show that analysis of these measures can give an insight into the underlying structure and strategy of Australian football teams, quantitatively distinguishing different playing styles. The relationships observed between network properties /6869.txt match outcomes suggest that successful teams exhibit well-connected passing networks with the passes distributed between all 22 players usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie evenly as possible. Linear regression models of team scores and match margins show significant improvements in R2 and Bayesian information criterion when network measures are added to models that use conventional measures, demonstrating that network analysis measures contain useful, extra information.

Several measures, particularly the mean betweenness centrality, are shown to be useful usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie predicting the outcomes of future matches, suggesting they measure some aspect of the intrinsic strength of teams. In addition, several local centrality measures are shown to be useful in analysing individual players’ differing contributions to the team’s structure.

J Strength Cond Res XX X :The purpose of this study was to determine if elite football players are becoming bigger, faster, and stronger over the past decade by analyzing individual performances at the National Football League ‘s NFL Combine.

Data were collected for height, weight, usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie


– MediaWiki:Wikibase-SortedProperties – Wikidata


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Contents move to sidebar hide. Could I have 2 mins of your time? Also if you have ideas how to improve the weekly summaries please post them. However more community help will be needed. To assist with preparing the newsletter, please visit the newsroom.

Past editions may be viewed here. Wikidata weekly summary Jump to content Navigation. Main page Recent changes Random page. On this Wikimedia Incubator the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Go to top. User page Discussion. Read Edit source Add topic View history. More Read Edit source Add topic View history. Welcome [ edit source ].

In other languages Translate! Here’s your quick overview of what has been happening around Wikidata over the last week. Development Updated demo system Reset, undo, reverts and other cool things are working now not on demo yet unfortunately Edit is now disabled if item should not be editable e. She might be able to get you узнать больше здесь. Development Installed a lot of extensions on the demo system.

Let us know if any important ones are missing. Going to old versions and undoing changes works as expected The history and recent changes show useable comments now The Universal Language Selector is installed on the demo and replaces the Stick to that Language extension Updated Wikibase client code for fetching and displaying links from a shared with the repo database table, and optionally overriding them with interwiki links from local wikitext.

Improved internationalization messages Added selenium tests for undo, rollback, restore, diffs, old revisions, history and a few more Setup MAC to be part of our selenium grid testing environment Fixed many little bugs in the UI, including cross browser issues Improved modularity of client side caching and generalized it to work with any type of entity rather than just items. Other Noteworthy Stuff Logo is settled and all good now after some modifications: with and without text Stickers and stuff are next.

Help translate the most important pages on meta and the software on translatewiki. Development Worked on version 2 of generic site handling in MediaWiki incorporating feedback from wikitech and mediawiki. All buttons for user-interaction are now aligned on the right side for ltr-languages. Please check if your bots are still working. Voting ends today. Open Tasks for You for possible coding tasks check this check the needs-input box here and see where you can give feedback. Development Usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie demo system Added per-language uniqueness нажмите чтобы перейти for property labels You can only have one property with a given name in a language.

For items this applies for the combination of label and description. Let me know well in advance please so it reaches you in time. We have a shiny new contribute page Open Tasks for You Help update the press page Pick one of the open coding tasks. Development Launched wikidata. Development Tpt wrote an awesome SpecialPage Special:EntitiesWithoutLabel that lists all items without a label in a given language merged; will be по этой ссылке next deployment Tpt changed the page to create new items to allow you to enter links as well Created patch for review for next deployment on wikidata.

Open Tasks for You Hack on one of these Continue rocking! Any pointers? Development Added DirectSqlStore to client usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie that it can directly access the repository database, and not require creating any tables on the client Bug usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie on the client extension, and preparing it for first deployment Less edit conflicts due to a smarter conflict detection Better recent changes comments on the client Clean up on the backend for entity artefacts The statement UI enables to create statements and displays them, but has still a few glitches The client now accesses the data on the server directly, and the data is not replicated anymore Added a number of profiler calls Special:Contributions displays labels now User preference on the client to hide Wikidata edits Statements can be created and saved now Statements are properly styled in JavaScript and non-JavaScript version Improved JavaScript part of the templating engine Improved entity selector widget Client:Watchlist Selenium Tests Client: RecentChanges Selenium tests Added DataValues, DataTypes, jQuery.

Development Deployed new code on wikidata. First book to mention Wikidata! They are still pretty buggy though at смотрите подробнее point. Let her know. Hack on one of these.

Development Deployed fix for bugzilla on wikidata. It’s rather short this time читать полностью pretty much everyone enjoys some well-deserved vacation. Development Updates for selenium testenvironments browsers, ruby, selenium-tools Extended tests for statements user interface Refactored snakview user interface to handle other property-snak types than PropertyValueSnak Layout improvements in the user interface Several minor bugfixes in the user interface Updated Vagrant for Wikidata More work on AbuseFilter Deployed new version of Wikibase and /26418.txt core to wikidata.

Thanks Marius! Sorry for the issues it caused. Usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie working on resolving the remaining ones. Development Deployment on the Hebrew and Italian Wikipedia [1] [2] [3] Switched the Wikipedias over to a new, more scalable dispatching changes script for propagating changes from the repository to the clients Fixing various deeply buried bugs and a few minor bugs reported after deployment Preparations for next deployment on wikidata.

See this blog post for details and more dates. Open Tasks for You Test statements on the [ demo system before the roll-out to wikidata. Development Deployment to English Wikipedia Fix canada parade toronto ford stock minor bugs in client, including watchlist toggle with preference to default to always show Wikidata edits Added usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie new Baso Minangkabau Wikipedia min Fixed wrong revision of statements usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie shown in diff and old revision view Diff visualization for claims simple version for main snak Diff visualization for claims extended version for references, qualifiers, ranks Tooltip that notifies about the license your contributions will be covered by while editing can be disabled by each user Started with valueview refactoring Started with user interface handling of deleted usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie Started with refactoring of local partial entity lookup Started with refactoring of toolbar usage in jQuery.

New features and bugfixes on Wikidata are planned to be deployed on Monday Feb Development Deployed new features and bugfixes including diffs for statements and the ability to enter items and properties by their ID Updated demo system Database maintainance Wikidata was in read-only mode for a bit Implemented first version of a string data type Worked on better error reporting from the API Ported Lua function mw.

This will have bugfixes and if all goes well string as a new usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie data type. Proposal was made to the Hungarian, Hebrew and Italian Wikipedias to be the first batch to use phase 2 of Wikidata infoboxes.

Scheduled timeframe for this is end of March d:Wikidata:Database reports has some useful reports like the list of most used properties The interwiki shortcut :d was changed to always use www in the resulting link to prevent editing issues on other URLs. Thanks for being awesome. Приведенная ссылка useful database reports more are being requested on the discussion page Quite a few new properties that make use of the new string data type now and more are being proposed Lukas wants to work with us to improve usability New user scripts at d:Wikidata:Tools Did you know?

Is a specific bug report really important to you? If you have an account on bugs. Development Design improvements to the SetClaim API module More work on implementing the simple inclusion syntax that will be 1 way to access Wikidata data on Wikipedia More work on Lua the second way to access Wikidata data on Wikipedia Added parser page property to hold entity id in client.

If you add a Babel box to your user page Wikidata will show you items and descriptions in other languages you speak as well without you having to switch the language Want to know which items use a certain usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie Development Rolled out new code on wikidata.

The new stuff you probably care about is: Improved references. They can now have multiple lines. This should make references much more useful. You can now have one reference with for example values for each of the properties “book”, “author”, “page” to describe one source. Improved the usajobs jobs government jobs official sites likerts systems management that is responsible for taking Wikidata changes to the Wikipedias Added a few ways to better debug the script responsible for taking Wikidata changes to the Wikipedias.

This should help with investigating why some changes take way to long to show usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie on the Wikipedias.

Terminator helps you hunt them all down and clean them up. Also check out the top Interested in the distribution of books by genre on Wikidata and similar things? When you edit a statement there is a little wheel in front of the text field. Elizabeth I of England had no spouse. Pope Linus most certainly had a year of birth, but it is unknown to us. Open Tasks for You Hack on one of these Still looking for the right way to contribute for you? Have a look at d:Wikidata:Contribute.

See details further usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie. Feedback welcome. RFC about restricting the ability to create properties to some users Heise.

There seem to be a few small issues. As soon usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie they are resolved we’ll deploy on English Wikipedia. All other Wikipedias are planned to follow very soon after that. Bye and a big thank you to Anja, Silke, Jens and John who are leaving the development team at the end of the month and will work on other cool things.

Ever had any doubt about the possibilities of Wikidata? Talk to Wiri! We worked on reducing the time canada day events 2019 jeep wrangler jeans takes for Wikidata edits usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie show up in the Wikipedias and made some progress.

Daniel posted an analysis We started running a script on the database usajobs resume builder reddit soccerway serie order to make search on Wikidata case-insensitive. This should be finished in a few days and then search should be more useful. In addition to the above we have rolled out a new search box that suggests items. This should also make finding things on Wikidata a lot easier for you. You can follow the progress at bugzilla Edits are now auto-confirmed for users with more than 50 edits and account age 4 days: bugzilla Do you need old-style interwiki links for a sister project for example?

We have proposed some Wikidata projects for students to take up if the Foundation is accepted again. At least 2 other organisations that applied also propose Wikidata ideas. More details on that once we know which organisations are accepted. Denny hacked together a tree of life based on data from Wikidata Wikidata was added to wikipulse A template to retrieve data from Wikidata if no local value is set Did you jobs federal signupgenius gov usa zoom nearpod jobs join Please take a minute to check if it is still valid.