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Secret History. Steve Blank. Email Subscription Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. See more how to Startup videos here.

Startup Tools 1. Startup Tools Click Here 2. Market Research Click Here 5. Life Science Click Here 6. All the Lectures and their subtitles can be download for free here. Creative Commons license applies. I also share all my syllabi, student presentations and my class lectures slides as well.

Switch Video — produce an animated video. Grumo Media — product demo videos. Loose Keys — product videos as stories. Thinkmojo — animated product videos. Epipheo Studios — animated product videos. Screenflow — screen recording and editing. Snagit — screen capture. Screen-o-Matic — cloud recording. Guide to different government acquisitions programs.

Artificial Intelligence. Developer Tools. Management Tools. Security and Identity. Internet of Things. Game Development. Mobile Services. Application Services. Enterprise Applications. Coinmarketcap — Crypto-Currency Market Capitalizations. Patent Office Trademarks — U. The package of the latest version can be downloaded here as a ZIP. This page provides to meet our needs 2. This is one use of the Struts compiled and ready to deploy demo application.

It allows the Servlet container components of Apache Catalina to communicate. This article’s main purpose is not to let everyone understand this to build the Web application framework, but on the surface the hang of the basic concepts. We can step-by-step tutorial on the subject. View: is the output of the application, the visual part. The controller: receiving a user input, using the model to generate the view.

Action Actions: the Apache Struts in the model. Intercept the Interceptors: the part of the controller, they can be in processing the request before or after the invocation of the hook. View of technology: the processing of data display. And then perform the operation, the view component is ready for a result and sends it to the HTTP response in the user. This discovery is I the Apache Struts ongoing Safety study of part.

In this article, I will describe my discovery of a vulnerability and how to exploit the previous vulnerability information to get the Struts internal working of the principle, create a package Struts-specific concept of the QL query. Run these queries will highlight the problematic code results. These works are hosted on GitHub, later we will also to this repository add more query statement and database to help the Struts and other projects of the security research.

You just need to describe the various source and sink, and then let the DataFlow library to accomplish these things. For a particular project, began to investigate such issues, a good method is to view the older version of the software known vulnerabilities.

This can be in-depth understanding you want to find the source and sink points. These three vulnerabilities are particularly interesting, not only do they let us on the Struts of the internal working mechanism have some understanding, and these three vulnerabilities actually is the same, also repair three back! The rear of the article I will in depth research I for these the input from where the investigation. Such as allow me to the project-specific information into the flow configuration.

For example, if I have by a network of communicating components, I may be in QL as described in those various network-side code is what allows the DataFlow library to track tainted data.

In later posts I will share some of the similar to the other process steps, these steps for find the bug helpful, but for similar reasons, the default case is not included these steps. These vulnerabilities obviously already been fixed, why still will be reported problem? Naturally, our threat research team had to poke around and see how popular Python is among bad actors. These levels, over time, show that Python-based tools are used for both breadth and depth scanning.

The chart below shows attack distribution. Deeper analysis shows that the attack was carried out on multiple protected customers, by a group of IPs from China. Since Python is so widely used by hackers, there is a host of different attack vectors to take into consideration. Python requires minimal coding skills, making it easy to write a script and exploit a vulnerability. Coinbitminer by Symantec Endpoint Protection. VirusTotal, urlscan. Sn1per Professional is Xero Security’s premium reporting addon for Professional Penetration Testers, Bug Bounty Researchers and Corporate Security teams to manage large environments and pentest scopes.

To use, specify the full location of the file which contains all hosts, IPs that need to be scanned and run. Usage example:. Useful for internal network scans. Reporting is not currently available in this mode. Ideal for web applications but may increase scan time significantly. It is needed for reverse connections e. Now, you can run security checks against some targets in the scope. Work in progress Auth disabled: should be vuln. Relevant testers can use vulmap to detect whether the target has a specific vulnerability, and can use the vulnerability exploitation function to verify whether the vulnerability actually exists.

The same flaw exists when using a url tag with no value, action set, and it’s upper actions have no or wildcard namespace. Remote code execution can be performed via an endpoint that makes use of a redirect action. Native payloads will be converted to executables and dropped in the server’s temp dir.

An attacker could exploit this vulnerability to execute arbitrary code on the system. Customers can evaluate the impact of this vulnerability in their environments by accessing the links in the Reference section of this Security Bulletin. In addition to other efforts to address potential vulnerabilities, IBM periodically updates the record of components contained in our product offerings.

We are making clients aware of relevant vulnerabilities as we become aware of them. Thus, failure to reference unsupported or extended-support products and versions in this Security Bulletin does not constitute a determination by IBM that they are unaffected by the vulnerability. Reference to one or more unsupported versions in this Security Bulletin shall not create an obligation for IBM to provide fixes for any unsupported or extended-support products or versions.

An exploit of that vulnerability CVE could make the system susceptible to attacks which could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the system. Download Apache Struts 2. Replace the downloaded files struts2-core Now security experts are warning that blueprints showing malicious hackers how to exploit a newly-discovered Apache Struts bug are available online, leaving countless organizations in a rush to apply new updates and plug the security hole before attackers can use it to wriggle inside.

Unfortunately, computer code that can be used to exploit the bug has since been posted online, meaning bad guys now have precise instructions on how to break into vulnerable, unpatched servers. The bad guy simply needs to send the right request to the site and the Web server will run any command of the attacker’s choosing.

At that point, the intruder could take any number of actions, such as adding or deleting files, or copying internal databases. On March 7, , Apache released a patch for a similarly dangerous Struts flaw, and within 24 hours of that update security experts began tracking signs that attackers were exploiting vulnerable servers. An Android spyware that records your phone calls. These are some of the security news that have caught our attention. The bug is considered more dangerous than the one disclosed last year in Struts that was exploited in the massive data breach at Equifax.

Both companies fixed the flaws after being alerted to them. While this vulnerability does not exist with a default configuration of Struts, it does exist in commonly seen configurations for some Struts plugins. Struts versions 2. Patched versions are Struts [2. We are investigating using this method on other middleware technologies.

Once a Tomcat auth record is added, this detection reads the Tomcat location from the config and searches for struts-core.

It extracts the version from. A vulnerable application will show evidence of a command executing on the server and QID will be reported. These templates, developed by security experts for Qualys WAF programmable inspection engine, are constantly tested against latests threats for the best detection rate and least false-positives. Both government agencies and corporations should heed this advice.

It establishes a CISA-managed catalog of Known Exploited Vulnerabilities that carry significant risk to the federal government and sets requirements for agencies to remediate these vulnerabilities. This is truly vulnerability management guidance for all organizations to heed.

The remediation guidance is grouped into multiple categories by CISA based on attack surface severity and time-to-remediate. However, some of the vulnerabilities introduced by CISA are not currently supported out-of-the-box by Qualys.

To remediate those vulnerabilities, Qualys provides the ability to deploy custom patches. The flexibility to customize patch deployment allows customers to patch all the remaining CVEs in their list. Running this query for specific CVEs will find required patches and allow quick and efficient deployment of those missing patches to all assets directly from within Qualys Cloud Platform.

Qualys solutions can help your organization to achieve compliance with this binding directive. Ready to get started? Remote Code Execution can be performed via an endpoint that makes use of a redirect action. Note that this exploit is dependant on the version of Tomcat running on the target. Versions of Tomcat starting with 7. FileOutputStream f,1. ProcessBuilder f. According to Forbes, by it is predicted that 83 percent of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud.

Moving beyond the cloud, software development teams are driving further change with the adoption of microservice architectures and containers, a market poised to grow over 40 percent year over year. The adoption of these new technologies signals a major change in IT infrastructures for modern enterprises. However, this transition is not always seamless, and it can be difficult to refactor legacy applications for a new technology stack. As a result, teams are building and deploying applications across a variety of environments, including physical machines, virtual machines, containers, and cloud infrastructures.

Overall, the combination of new application technology with existing legacy architectures and deployment models leads to greater IT complexity, making it extremely difficult to achieve consistent security across the organization. Servers have become an important target for cybercrime, with more than million U. For example, the Equifax attack leveraged a server-side vulnerability in the Apache Struts web application framework, and Heartbleed directly targeted servers to reveal private data.

As threats increase in sophistication, there is no single miracle fix to server protection. Rather, it requires multiple techniques through a layered security approach. Security and risk managers should utilize offerings dedicated to cloud workload protection, or cloud workload protection platforms CWPP. Huawei has released software updates to fix this vulnerability. This advisory is available in the linked references. Please see the references for more information.

However, closer analysis revealed that a spate of illicit mining activity over the past year could be attributed to several actors that have netted them hundreds of thousands of U. These additional campaigns demonstrate the breadth of exploitation activity that illicit cryptocurrency mining actors engaged in.

For instance, Rocke began developing destructive malware that posed as ransomware, diversifying their payloads as a potential response to declining cryptocurrency value.

However, activity on Git repositories connected to the actors demonstrates that their interest in illicit cryptocurrency mining has not completely abated. Talos published [separate research today covering this trend. These attacks steal CPU cycles from compromised devices to mine cryptocurrencies and bring in income for the threat actor. Campaigns delivering mining malware can also compromise the victim in other ways, such as in delivering remote access trojans RATs and other malware.

After completing analysis of these attack’s wallets and command and control C2 servers we discovered that a spate of illicit mining activity over the past year could be attributed to several actors. This illustrates the prevalent use of tool sharing or copying in illicit mining. Through investigating all these groups, we determined that combined, they had made hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits.

Talos first observed this actor when they attacked our honeypot infrastructure. Through tracking the actor’s wallets and infrastructure, we were able to link them to some additional exploit activity that was reported on by other security firms but in most instances was not attributed to one actor. Several campaigns used the XHide Process Faker tool. Since early September, we have observed Rocke exploiting our Struts2 honeypots to download and execute files from their C2 ssvs[.

Beginning in late October, we observed this type of activity in our honeypots involving another Rocke C2 as well: sydwzl[. WhatMiner appears to have been developed by another group called the Mining Group, which we will discuss below. The scripts also rely on a variety of Pastebin pages with Baseencoded scripts in them that download and execute miners and backdoors on to the victim’s machines.

These malicious scripts and malware masquerade as JPEG files and are hosted on the Chinese-language file-sharing site thyrsi[. The only difference in Rocke’s forked version is that they replaced the Monero wallet in the config file with a new one.

These scripts and malware very closely match the ones we found in our honeypots with the same file names, although the bash script and config file were changed to include Rocke’s infrastructure and their Monero wallet. Rocke’s C2, sydwzl[. Two samples with high detection rates submitted to VirusTotal in made DNS requests for both domains.

The resulting download is an HTML text file of a error message. When we looked at the profile for the user qq. Security researchers at Chinese company Alibaba have taken down Rocke infrastructure that was hosted on Alibaba Cloud. Their C2s often communicate over port , earning them the Mining Group moniker. This group uses some similar TTPs to Rocke. Post-exploitation, the actor would issue a cURL request for several different types of malware on their infrastructure over port The dropped malware included ELF miners, as well as their associated config files with several of Mining Group’s wallets entered in the appropriate fields.

The actor also employed malicious scripts hosted on. These services are useful for malware authors because they eliminate the need for malware to communicate with the Tor network directly, which is suspicious and may be blocked, and allow the C2 server’s IP address to be hidden. Both campaigns additionally relied on the XHide Process-faker tool.

They also mined to eu[. This is the same technique we observed in a Rocke campaign. Based on public reporting, these groups combined had earned hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency.

However, it is difficult to ascertain the exact amount they made since the value of Monero is very volatile and it is difficult to tell the value of the currency when it was sold. We were also unable to track holdings and payments for certain kinds of wallets, such as MinerGate. Talos has observed less activity from these actors in our honeypots since November, although cryptocurrency-focused attacks from other actors continue.

For example, Rocke has been observed developing new malware with destructive capabilities that pose as ransomware. In cases where upper actions or configurations also have no namespace or a wildcard namespace, an attacker could exploit this vulnerability by sending a request that submits malicious input to the affected application for processing.

If successful, the attacker could execute arbitrary code in the security context of the affected application on the targeted system. An attacker can submit a specially crafted HTTP request to a vulnerable web server. Since Struts is a web application framework, this will depend entirely on the application the developers have created.

No measure of mitigations will protect you from poorly written code. The affected versions are from 1. See the Rapid7 analysis for additional details. Now, Cisco has also released fixes to address the issue in its several products. No user action is required. Organizations and developers who use Apache Struts are urgently advised to upgrade their Struts components as soon as possible.

The vulnerability was unpatched when it was published on June 2. As of June 3, both patches and a temporary workaround are available. If you are unable to mitigate the vulnerability for any version of Confluence, you should restrict or disable Confluence Server and Confluence Data Center instances immediately.

Organizations maintaining an internet-facing Confluence or Data Server may want to consider permanently moving access behind a VPN.

Runtime getRuntime. For example, on our test Confluence version 7. IOUtils toString java. Just a reminder that there is nothing new in this world. Executing in memory only is least likely to get an attacker caught. String java. Socket ‘ BufferedWriter new java.

OutputStreamWriter sock. We recommend that all organizations consider implementing IP address safelisting rules to restrict access to Confluence. Based on the details published so far, we recommend adding Java deserialization rules that defend against RCE injection vulnerabilities, such as CVE The workaround must be manually applied. A vulnerability check for InsightVM and Nexpose customers is in active development with a release targeted for this afternoon.

This means InsightVM and Nexpose customers are able to assess their exposure to CVE with two unauthenticated vulnerability checks. In this four-part blog series, FireEye Mandiant Threat Intelligence highlights the value of CTI in enabling vulnerability management, and unveils new research into the latest threats, trends and recommendations.

Check out our first post on zero-day vulnerabilities. FireEye Mandiant Threat Intelligence research into vulnerabilities exploited in and suggests that the majority of exploitation in the wild occurs before patch issuance or within a few days of a patch becoming available.

More than a quarter were exploited within one month after the patch date. Figure 2 illustrates the number of days between when a patch was made available and the first observed exploitation date for each vulnerability. Frequently, first exploitation dates are not publicly disclosed. It is also likely that in some cases exploitation occurred without being discovered before researchers recorded exploitation attached to a certain date.

This average is slightly inflated by vulnerabilities such as CVE, a Microsoft Windows server vulnerability, which was disclosed in December and not patched until 5 months later in May The majority of these vulnerabilities, however, were patched quickly after disclosure. These metrics, in combination with the observed swiftness of adversary exploitation activity, highlight the importance of responsible disclosure, as it may provide defenders with the slim window needed to successfully patch vulnerable systems.

For these non-zero-day vulnerabilities, there was a very small window often only hours or a few days between when the patch was released and the first observed instance of attacker exploitation.

Table 1 provides some insight into the race between attackers attempting to exploit vulnerable software and organizations attempting to deploy the patch. The following examples demonstrate the speed with which sophisticated groups are able to incorporate vulnerabilities into their toolsets following public disclosure and the fact that multiple disparate groups have repeatedly leveraged the same vulnerabilities in independent campaigns.

Successful operations by these types of groups are likely to have a high potential impact. MetaStrike and other financially motivated attackers. Hermit also using within approximately a month of disclosure. However, we believe that POC code likely hastens exploitation attempts for vulnerabilities that do not require user interaction.

For vulnerabilities that have already been exploited, the subsequent introduction of publicly available exploit or POC code indicates malicious actor interest and makes exploitation accessible to a wider range of attackers.



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Usa jobs federal jobs government jobs open sourceforge etsy.


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You should check all details before apply. Job Location :- New York. Etsy is the global marketplace for unique and creative goods. We build, power, and evolve the tools and technologies that connect entrepreneurs with buyers around the world. Etsy, Inc. We are looking for a senior analytics professional to help drive the success of product efforts at Etsy by providing concrete insights, industry-leading measurement techniques, and access to the metrics, data, and tools needed for decision-making and optimization].

Applying advanced analytical techniques to gauge the impact of initiatives such as expanding our shipping offerings internationally to support a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers globally. Conducting online experiments to help improve buyer fulfillment experiences, while ensuring seller satisfaction. Do you find joy in guiding strategy with data-driven insights, telling the story of how we improve the experience for our users, to teams, to senior management, and to the community.?

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This person will be located in Brooklyn. Learn more about our flexible work modes and vaccination policy here. Etsy Jobs description related to this Partnerships Manager Position like Job request number, Job Location, Educational background, required age, Salary and benefits provided in details below.

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What does the day-to-day look like Lead all analytical aspects of the product lifecycle from sizing opportunities all the way through to measuring success via experimentation. Work closely and collaboratively with senior management within Fulfillment to craft a well defined analytics roadmap. Define metrics to ensure robust measurement of product performance. Of course, this is just a sample of the kinds of work this role will require! Successful track record of guiding product teams to identify high-impact opportunities, set meaningful goals against key outcomes, and data-driven decisions.

Passionate to try new approaches to advance your technical skills. Bonus points for experience with the Hadoop ecosystem and Looker, Tableau, or other data visualization software. Ability to conduct sophisticated analyses and regularly use advanced statistical methods ex. Comfortable with distilling complex insights into compelling narratives for senior executives, both verbally and visually.

Our Promise At Etsy, we believe that a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace makes us a more relevant, more competitive, and more resilient company. For U. Collaborate closely with various HR partner teams to support business line priorities Of course, this is just a sample of the kinds of work this role will require! Demonstrated sound judgment, and the ability to negotiate critical situations appropriately, with poise, under difficult circumstances.

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